Sapphire Fusion - Ocean

Sapphire Fusion - Ocean

The new Sapphire Fusion - Ocean sunglasses is part of the Fusion Collection, inspired by the balance between the two parts of everything in this world: yin and yang, right and left, up and down, good and bad, sun and moon, because we are all a fusion of emotions and so is this collection. Sapphire Fusion - Ocean comes with a black/blue matte finish thin frame design with high end lightweight polycarbonate, impact-resistant with metal hinge for more accommodating fit and Deep blue Ocean lenses. All our sunglasses provide UV400 sun protection thanks to the latest polarized and reflective lenses at no extra cost.

All breɪkaʊt sunglasses come in a branded box with logo print and include a high quality cleaning storage microfiber pouch. breɪkaʊt sunglasses are unisex, perfect for him and her, perfect for the beach and the mountain, get one for your next party. Choose your own breɪkaʊt sunglasses at affordable prices, no need to be rich to be cool. Be yourself, be breikaut.

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